All Technology Uses are NOT Equal

Bernajean Cartoonized.png*Bernajean's Literacy-Adapting-Transforming (L-A-T) Spectrum framework has been forged and used as dynamic planning, assessment, implementation and communication tools for schools since mid 1990's to activate the potential of technology resources. The pedagogical indicators used for L-A-T learning categories of technology uses embodies a field of instructional practices culled from well-respected educators, research and studies: Piaget, Bloom, Webb (DOK), Levin, A.C.O.T. Model, Beck/Riel, Wiggins, McKenzie, Costa's Habits of Mind; N.C.R.E.L.'s Engaged Learning Indicators, NETS•S, AASL's 21st Century Skills, and Common Core.

What Next? Turning Up the H.E.A.T. is the follow-up to onsite audits considered "What Next?" and "NOW What?" when leaders discover that without intentional pedagogy being targeted DURING implementation - the Return-on-Learning [R.O.L] percentages were far below their vision and best hopes. This focused H.E.A.T. training provides doable and rapid sense-making for educators to engage in extreme make-overs of lesson ideas and technology uses that visibly accelerate visions and results for the investments made.

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All Technology Uses are NOT Equal - WorkShop, Presentation and/or Guided On-site Audits a la Bernajean

Technology uses magnifies and makes visible all that is working about schools and all that needs to work better for students. Bernajean Porter, 1997

Technology accelerates something – What is the SOMETHING being targeted in your schools beyond access? Even knowing that the future aches for a new kind of learner, thinker, and problem-solver, all the dollars and time spent on techno gadgets still have changed little more than pockets of classrooms for kids. After personally leading more than 2300 district technology impact studies, the message is clear ~ it’s NOT about hardware - it's about HEADWARE! Planning approaches and accountability instruments chosen makes the difference between optional uses delivering little impact and implementing pervasive high impact uses of technology.

Participants will walk away with 25 year proven frameworks used nationally and internationally for professional development along with planning processes to evaluate learning while purposefully creating higher Return-on-Learning (ROL) with technology resources being actively planned for pervasively added-value for ALL students’ learning.

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